We exist to create a world where young people thrive, unrestricted by the challenges of mental and emotional wellbeing.

Private Counselling

The Parachute Project offers support via private counselling and within schools.

The support is offered in a child counselling format and is aimed at 6-18-year old’s who are struggling with issues such as anxiety, low mood, family and peer relationships, ASD and ADHD identity, and trauma. This will ensure that children are equipped with the tools to manage their own emotional wellbeing.


We do this by harnessing young people’s emotional wellbeing, delivering the support and skills to overcome barriers, and achieve happiness and success.

Meet Abi

Qualified Social Worker

Abi founded The Parachute Project after spending nearly 25 years working professionally with children and families facing adversity, having heard parents/carers and professionals’ frustrations about the need for accessible early intervention for children with mental health and behavioural related issues, Abi’s mission is to deliver this service by providing psychoeducation at an early stage – improving emotional resilience in young people. Abi has used all her experience to put together unique programs of support that have been proven to bring about positive changes in young people’s self-esteem, resilience, and emotional wellbeing.

I qualified as a social worker in the year 2000 after initially leaving school and qualifying as a nursery nurse and spending some time working for the Local Authority with children with disabilities.

I love working with children of all ages and my key skills have always revolved around building meaningful relationships with young people and their families and effecting positive change in their lives. As a Social Worker I have specialized in 3 main areas: Safeguarding Children, Children with Disabilities and Children’s Mental Health. I have worked in London, Hertfordshire and Norfolk. I have been employed by Children’s Services in both social care and the education sectors as well as for the NHS within the CAMHS (Child Adolescent Mental Health Service). I have extensive further training and experience in the following areas: -Family assessment, risk assessment, self-harm, bullying, loss and bereavement, childhood trauma, ASD and ADHD, parenting, attachment and neurodevelopment, parent led CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), restorative practice, child protection, childhood anxiety and creative and play therapies. I have combined all these skills to offer children support via private counselling and within schools

I believe that statutory services are potentially damaging young people by scaling their level of need and turning children away for not being” bad enough”, this is due to the services being underfunded. It Is also my opinion that if expert mental health education and support was more accessible in schools’ young people would become more resilient and have more positive outcomes. I believe that delivering my unique programs of support privately and in schools will help to reduce the numbers of young people whose names are on NHS waiting lists and ensure the right young people get the right level of support at the right time.


Our ultimate ambition is to empower young people to be resilient and shape a future without limitations.

We’re making a difference