It is becoming increasingly apparent that children are not demonstrating a high level of emotional resilience and that this is often exacerbated by social circumstances.

East Anglia has very few resources to support young people’s mental health and generic services have long waiting list and a high threshold criteria.


We are working in schools offering support to individuals and whole class groups, focusing on issues such as, anxiety, self-harm, managing change, behaviour and resilience.

If young people can receive emotional support from a qualified professional within their school setting, they will have greater opportunity to fulfil their potential, both academically and socially. As a Social Work professional my work will always incorporate the entire family and social dynamics. This is a key factor in dealing with a majority of young people who are struggling with their emotional wellbeing.

School professionals are increasingly being expected to have the time, knowledge and skills to support young people experiencing mental health issues. The fact is that without the right early support these young people not only require a lot of time from professionals but can present risks that need to be managed and assessed. The Parachute Project can fill the gap in services by providing counselling support in school to pupils. We can focus on a broad range of mental health issues and to reach out to many children. This is due to our unique packages of support. Children will be able to access a course of 6-8 sessions that are results driven and take a psychoeducation approach giving children and when necessary, parents/carers the tools to understand and manage issues such as anxiety, anger management, social anxiety, self-harm, identity concerns and low mood.

*Parents and Carers can also contact the consultancy directly and pay for private support for their child from the Consultancy.


Emotional Resilience

Suitable for Key Stage 1 and 2. 4 x 60-minute whole class session and a parent workshop**. Providing psychoeducation and techniques to help children understand and manage their emotions. 

Transition and Change

Directed at pupils in Year 5 through to Year 7. 4 x 60-minute whole class session and a parent workshop**. Supporting children with psychoeducation and helpful techniques to manage their transition to high school and help them to understand how to better manage and communicate their feelings. 

*All children are provided with a unique, interactive resource pack.

**Each package includes a workshop for parents at the end of the block of sessions to provide them with an understanding of what their child has been learning and how they can support them to embed the strategies at home. It is paramount to us that parents, teachers and children should all have a shared understanding, language and tools for promoting emotional and mental wellbeing. We value the importance of collaborative partnerships.

The programmes are  

  • Created by us, using our collective experience working in mental health (NHS, education, private practice), underpinned by scientific theory.
  • Sessions are interactive and meaningful – children complete purposeful tasks from a carefully designed, quality resource pack that they get to keep.
  • Scientific theory is explained to children in an engaging way, at an age-appropriate level to ensure it makes sense.
  • Provide practical strategies which empower children to better manage and communicate their feelings.
  • Teach techniques for successfully managing transition and change.
  • Linked to the PSHE Association’s Programme of Study.
  • Delivered by The Parachute Project staff who all have a background in mental health and education, have had bespoke training with The Parachute Project and have enhanced DBS checks.

Quality Measurement

Quality measurement assessments are currently taking place in the form of feedback forms both from adults and children.

Since starting the consultancy in January 2021, 100% of the work proposed after the initial consultation was taken up. Feedback based on 16 families accessing the 8 session programs since February 2021.

Positively achieving change with the issue
0 %
Educating the young person about their mental health and anxiety
0 %
22 of the 25 children were able to manage their issues after an initial block of 8 counselling sessions and needed no further immediate intervention.
0 %
100% of the children stated they valued their sessions
0 %
13 of the 16 children said they were more able to engage in their education after an initial 8 sessions.
0 %

We’re making a difference