We are working alongside businesses on our “sponsor a child initiative”.

Our unique approach means that we can offer children blocks of 8 one to one sessions issues such as managing anxiety, self-harm, low mood, anger management, school related issues, and support for those pre or post ADHD or ASD diagnosis.


We work in a way that is inclusive of families and schools so that our intervention is holistic and equips everyone around the child to support them in the right way, all interventions are tailored for the individual child.

Over the last 2 years all children accessing these sessions have experienced positive changes and been able to better manage their issues with98% being able to move on after the initial block of sessions. This enables us to help children and families, keep our waiting list moving, and in turn reduces pressure on schools and NHS services.

We are so grateful that businesses are sponsoring children identified who could not otherwise afford to access our service and helping us catch children before they fall between the gaps in services.

Our Sponsors

We are just happy to be supporting and raising awareness of your project as young people are the future of our country and we need to promote good mental well-being in the young people of today.

Becci Sumner

Grocott & Murfit

We strongly believe that all young people should have access to mental health services and it’s our pleasure to assist Abi and her team in their mission to protect future generations.

Jonny Miller

Outlines Design

We’re making a difference